CEO Message

I’m proud that my grandfather, Buddy Coleman, started building homes in 1957 and along the way shaped and formed the virtues and integrity that have helped shape Rausch Coleman Homes. What fuels me is the desire to deliver a quality-built and affordable home to our customers. Other builders tend to build from a spreadsheet and a calculator, but I challenge my employees to take the time to create communities and neighborhoods where families can live their dreams.

The unprecedented growth of Rausch Coleman Homes is a testament to the strength of our company and these ideals. According to Builder Magazine, we are ranked the 34th largest homebuilder in the United States. While other builders “rolled the dice” on land positions and investments, we held firm to our desire to deliver consistent and sustained growth in an economy of downward turns and valleys.

In the midst of these difficult financial times, we have managed to grow in closing units and company revenue. It took extensive planning and a commitment to always inspect what we expect and not look for guaranteed results. Regardless of the economic conditions we continue to face we will always hold firm to our faith and commitment to excel. Every business decision at Rausch Coleman Homes is made with two questions in mind. “Is this the best decision for our company?” And more importantly, “Is this the best decision for our homeowners”? This simple philosophy is greatly responsible for our impressive growth and ensures us that the future looks equally bright.

Should you become a Rausch Coleman Homeowner, employee or business partner, in my heart I know that working together we will be successful because our core values, strong faith and belief in “Service of the second mile.”

Thank you for your interest in Rausch Coleman Homes.

CEO Message
John Robert Rausch – CEO