Land Development: From Dirt to Dream

The minute we find a land opportunity our process begins. We do research to determine who our buyers will be in this newly discovered opportunity. Is the density high enough to support our community goal? Where will we find our buyers and how will we reach them? What do the area Realtors think? These are just a few of the questions we ask as part of our market research.

Projects can quickly spin out of control without strong financial oversight. When it comes to detail and compliance, our accounting department leads the way. Ensuring that every project remains on budget and deadlines are met is their number one task. Our staff is committed to accuracy in reporting and timely payments to vendors, banks, developers and business partners.

On the Land Development side we always consider what people want in a homesite. Reseach and experience has taught us they want low traffic, cul-de-sacs, open spaces walking and biking trails, sidewalks and parks. When planning the community our land development team takes these factors to heart. The land department truly believes that a community is about how it lives in reality, not just how it appears on a blueprint.

Understanding the full development process means we can work with the town or municipality to improve the land, in turn we deliver a better experience for residents. We value engineer our homes to build economic and yet functional designs. Waste is minimized, profits are maximized and the strength of our company is protected. All this translates to our buyers feeling comfortable that we are a solvent entity, here for the long haul in support of their dream of home ownership.

If you’re interested in seeing your land developed into a well-planned neighborhood, call or E-mail our land development representative.

 Bill Gabbard: 479-466-3208  or  E-Mail