How to Arrange and Hang Pictures Like an Interior Designer

Hanging pictures to complement your room's décor can be an extremely difficult task, especially if you want it to appear as if an interior designer created the masterpiece. From choosing the perfect sizes to hanging photos in the right place, you can create a designer feel once you know how to properly arrange your pictures.

How to Arrange and Hang Pictures Like an Interior DesignerGrouping Pictures

The key to making your photo arrangement appear to be professionally designed is by grouping pictures and matching them to the right rooms. Before you hang any pictures, you need to decide if you have enough pictures to create a complimentary grouping. If you do not, then you will need to complete your collection by purchasing more artwork or developing additional photos.

Once you have decided on the pictures, you need to choose picture frames that work well together. You can choose a specific color or group of colors that will complement each other. For a formal appeal, gold ornate frames can add a touch of sophistication to your room's décor. If your home design runs casual, simplistic wood frames can make your pictures pop without overpowering the room.

Arranging Pictures

You can easily arrange your pictures to be the focal point in the room, but you will want to make sure the pictures have a common theme. Implementing the use of vibrantly colored single, double or triple mats can help complete your grouping, providing the feeling of continuity. If the room's décor is more refined with a brown-and-gold color scheme, you will want to repeat the colors in your pictures, ensuring that a minimum of one color in the room predominates your photo grouping. Dark-colored pictures work best in a grouping when they are on the bottom grid of the arrangement, and lighter colors work best on the top grid.

Pre-arranging the pictures on the floor can give you an idea on how to arrange them on the wall. For a more formal arrangement, group together an even number of pictures that are roughly the same size. Odd numbers in picture arrangements are often used in interior design, but you will need to make sure to obtain a perfect balance. If you have four similar-sized pictures, you can arrange them in a square, or if there is one large and two small pictures, you can arrange the large picture on the wall with the two smaller photos spaced evenly next to it.

Hanging Pictures

To help hang the pictures evenly, cut out paper mockups of each photo's size and shape for arrangement on the wall. Tape or pin the reproductions to the wall, making sure the photo reproductions are within eye level. Take a step back and view your arrangement. Is it eye level? Does it encourage you to view each picture? Is the arrangement balanced? Do the colors complement the décor? When hanging pictures, make sure to keep the décor balanced. Do not place pictures on only one wall; otherwise, you could throw off the room's balance.

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