Limited Lifetime Warranty

You Can Relax...pngLimitedLifetime

Rausch Coleman Homes are built to last a lifetime.   

Thats why we are the ONLY area builder to offer this incredible warranty covering the major parts of your home!

  • Foundation
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Roof Trusses

We continue to follow up long after homeowners have moved in. There are many steps in the building of your new home and we will take each step with you. After you receive your keys we don’t disappear. Homes are made of natural materials and have properties that can alter slightly over time. Wood can bow a bit and concrete can sometimes settle and crack. In order to fix these occasional wear, the Superintendant who built your home is part of our team that is going to fix minor things that need to be addressed. After all, who better to fix your home than the person who helped build it!

At Rausch Coleman we recognized that being truly unique meant stepping out and really making a statement. As a result, we created our LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

In the unlikely event that something major happens to your foundation, load bearing walls or even roof trusses, not to worry because we are the ONLY builder that guarantees we will fix the problem for as long as you own your home. Now that’s saying something.