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1st Time Homebuyer Testimonial

New home builder testimonial for Rausch Coleman Homes located in Oklahoma City, OK. Listen to first time homebuyer as he describes his homebuilding experience and the service behind buying a home with Rausch Coleman Homes. "The price is competitive . . . But the service you receive from Rausch Coleman is what brought me back ." ~Troy

1st Time Homebuyer Testimonial

New home builder testimonial for Rausch Coleman Homes located in Oklahoma City, OK. Listen to single Mother Charlotte as she describes her homebuilding experience and the simplicity of buying a home with Rausch Coleman Homes. "I would never imagine that they were so fast at responding and at making sure that my needs are met." ~Charlotte

1st Time Homebuyer Spanish Testimonial

Listen to Jose as he describes the homebuilding experience he had with Rausch Coleman. When asked - Why purchase a Rausch Coleman Home? Jose quickly replies, "Because this is my dream! We don't have upstairs neighbors, I have my own privacy, I can park my truck in my own garage, I like my own space. They can help you achieve that dream."

1st Time Homebuyer Testimonial

Morgan McCown states, "Rausch Coleman Homes offered the home I wanted, the program I wanted, at the price I wanted."

Cing Kim (English version) Testimonial

Cing Kim and her family came to the United States 8 years ago from Burma, they have owned their Rausch Coleman home for more than 4 years. Her testimonial tells why it’s so important for her to be a part of the Glenpool community and why her family loves their Rausch Coleman home. For more information about homeownership or visit one of our Model Homes.

Corey Dewberry Testimonial

Corey Dewberry and his family are first time home buyers. His testimonial tells why they love their Rausch Coleman home. For more information about our homes, contact one of our Sales Professionals.

Crittenden Customer Testimonial

The Crittenden family loved the effortless Rausch Coleman Homes home buying process from start to finish.

Felicia's Story

Felicia Pearson and her family are first time home buyers. Her testimonial tells why they love their Rausch Coleman home.

First Time Homebuyer - Testimonial

The Brandon & Whitni are first time homebuyers and they just moved into their new home. They would like to share their Rausch Coleman home buying experience.

Payne Family Testimonial

The Payne family are first time homebuyers and they just moved into their new home. They would like to share their Rausch Coleman home buying experience.

Testimonial - Cing Kim (Zomi version)

Cing Kim and her family came to the United States 8 years ago from Burma, they have owned their Rausch Coleman home for more than 4 years. Her testimonial tells why it’s so important for her to be a part of the Glenpool community and why her family loves their Rausch Coleman home.


Brandon Verderber

You can build a home, you can be in the community you want to live in and you can do it at a price that you can afford. We really didn’t think it would be possible. The whole process has been amazing. ~Brandon & Whitni

Terri Shepherd Wright

Dec 10th, 8:33pm

I have been in my new home since November 1st. From the first moment I walked in the office the experience and service was pleasant, professional, prompt and personable. Everyone that assisted me in this home buying process is to be commended. From Gwendolyn, the sales professional, Eric and the staff at Nash Realty, Monica, the loan officer, and Mike, the Rausch Coleman builder. I flowed through the process and I love my home!

Amanda & Wes Wilson

“We wanted a house that would last us a lifetime and ultimately, a home that would fit our family’s needs right now as well as 10 or 20 years from now. After touring several other Rausch Coleman communities in the area and seeing the floor plans in person, we opted to go with the Clark plan. It’s not the largest plan but not the smallest either, and we felt that we would still have plenty of room to grow. We were also able to pick out all sorts of different options, and even chose to add a few upgrades—a brick fireplace and pan ceilings in the master bedroom and family room.”

In addition, the Wilson family was impressed with the speed of the buying process with Rausch Coleman Homes.

Dale Bishop

The service from every employee involved in building our house possessed excellent service and character!!!

Kaylin Terry

If something breaks or is not correct, they will come fix it immediately. Great customer service.

William & Sara Allbright


Townsend Family

“It was easy and enjoyable with no stress. It was great customer service every step of the way that best suited us.”

Parvin Family

“Thank You Teresa Harvey and Rausch Coleman Homes for making a 10 year dream of ours come true…. homeownership. The journey finally came true after we found you!”

Smith Family

“Having our house built here was an amazing experience. Seeing it rise up from a patch of dirt to our dream home was truly incredible. We are so happy here.”


I've owned a Rausch Coleman home for a little over two years and have been pleased with it. As a home builder myself I can appreciate the high quality of the construction and the modern layout of the floor plan.


We had a wonderful experience building our first home with Rausch Coleman. Everything was perfect! We love Jamie Huber and the rest of the Rausch Coleman family!


We are very happy with our home and the service that we have received. This is our first home, and we could not have made a better choice.

Les & Misti

I love my Rausch Coleman home. I looked for a new home to buy for over a year and finally found the perfect home. Thanks for everything.


I shopped everybody and nothing could compare to the quality of Rausch Coleman. I didn’t have one worry while they built our home. Their people kept me informed; the closing was easy. I am a single mom of three, and I thought this experience was going to be one of the most scary and stressful of my life, but instead it was exciting and a total joy!


We really like our new home and proud to be in it. Misti has been fabulous to work with.


Rausch Coleman made our dream come true! Rausch Coleman staffs are so friendly and trustable! We really love our new home because it’s got a lot of extras- thank you!

Ash, Andrea & Wyatt

We love our new Rausch Coleman home. The Rausch Coleman team was wonderful to work with. they made the process easy and fun- and what has impressed us the most is the involvement after we bought the house.


This was our first home purchase; we looked at many houses and many builders. There was always a difference in a Rausch Coleman home, it always looked classier and was built better. We are very happy with the house and location. Everyone at RCH was and still are wonderful to work with. Thank you Rausch Coleman!

Jeff & Jana

We love our Rausch Coleman home. It has so many extras that other builders don’t have and everyone was so nice. We think the owner’s wife is great because she left decorator pillows for our daughter and left us the curtain rods! That made us feel very welcome. Jamie is also great to talk to!

Ronnie & Kim

Wow! After watching friends build a new home in the same area, we decided we can do that. Our search was short! The first time we walked into the model home we were hooked. Our realtor tried several times to show us other builders’ homes. We told her it was pointless. We knew we were home as soon as we found our house. Everything has been so much easier than we expected, considering the horror stories we’ve heard. You guys are the best!

Michael Hooper

What we like most about our new home - their "can do" attitude. Nothing was ever a problem. When I asked for a small change, they had the answer within one day and always seemed to "Yes, we can do that." The other Builders that I have used were never so accommodating.

Mrs. Shirley

My family is truly blessed to get this opportunity to be a part of a growing supportive community. Thank you and Rausch Coleman Homes. -Felecia Shirley (Proud Oxford Valley Homeowner)

Shawn & Kristi Smith

When asked what they like most, the Smith's stated, "The quality of work and materials. Everyone we met were courteous, knowledgeable, and caring. Being first time homebuyers it was a pleasure doing business with Rausch Coleman Homes. We will recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home."

Mr. & Mrs. Janssen

Last summer, when we found out Rausch Coleman was building a new neighborhood in Sherwood, we were SUPER excited! We never thought that at 24 years old we would be able to own a BRAND NEW home! And we LOVE that our mortgage is less than some of our friends' rent! (There is even a nearby apartment complex where rent is equal to our mortgage!) Lisa Johnson and our Realtor, Rita French, made our home buying process SUPER easy and even fun! (Say what!?!) And as first time home owners, that was a huge plus! If you're looking for a new home- let me put you in contact with the amazing team we used!

Linda Spencer

Great management and people with Excellent Knowledge of the Homes.

Jessica Saldivar

The level of communication was excellent. I was informed throughout every step. Ultimately, I feel completely satisfied with my home!

The Hamilton Family

"This home buying experience was so pleasant and non stressful that I worried it was going to good to be true wall the way to the closing. But of course it was true and we had nothing horrible or unpleasant happen. Thank you!"

Ms. Prock

"Bottom line is, I have nothing but excellent things to say about Rausch Coleman Homes. I sing their praises everywhere I go and cannot recommend their services highly enough. Thank you so much for making my first time buying a house such an amazing experience!"

Mr. Russell

There is no question for me as to why they have been building homes for over 60 years, they are very good at doing it and I can’t stress enough the level of personalized service they provide, before, during and after the sale. I couldn’t be more pleased with the home and the service. You can’t go wrong with a Rausch Coleman Home!

Dewberry family

James Reeves (Rausch Coleman), Kristy (Rausch Coleman), Bryan Heindlsmen (Red Rock Mortgage) were Fantastic. They made the dream come true, they were there for me every step of the way, made sure that every question I asked was answered, and encouraged me when I was down. Rausch Coleman has a great team of support. I was stressed, depressed, and out of breath..........But Rausch Coleman was there. Thanks Team!!

Stroud Family

My husband and I love our new home!! The builder was super nice, and answered any and all questions that we had. We had an amazing experience and couldn't be happier with our new home!!

Swopes Family

We just signed our contract to build a home. Matt Mulson has made this experience so welcoming and he is always there anytime we need him!!! Now just waiting to meet with the builder to get started!!! If anyone is looking for a home in Fayetteville AR ... Matt Mulson is your guy!!

Fholer family

I really enjoyed all the staff that assisted me during my home buying process. Everyone was extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had about my home. I would recommend my neighborhood or Rausch Coleman to any family or friends. Who knew home buying could be so fun and easy!

Beckerle Family

My children and I have been living in our home now for a couple of weeks and couldn't be happier!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for a community of people who truly made my dreams come true!!

I want to stress how friendly and professional every worker was during the whole process.  Anytime I would stop by during the building, I was always greeted with a friendly smile and workers who would explain to me what was going on at the time and what they would be doing next.  You honestly run an organization that is professional across the board!

Susan Miller

A synonym for Career is "Calling". I believe the people, Our Family, at Rausch Coleman are called here. We do not allow the "World Culture" to minimize our calling because "RCH Culture" is our calling. Personally, I had no intention of changing careers until I met with Mr. John Rausch. His passion for families to have a better life ignited in me MY CALLING and so it began. No position at RCH is insignificant or trivial. Each person's role is not compartmentalized but vital to obtaining our end goal. I am blessed to know that what I do for a living is vital to who I am. It really does make my community a better place! At the end of each day whether trying or smooth, I am afforded the satisfaction of knowing I was able to make a difference!

Lassiter Family

"We had an exceptional experience from the start. The staff went out of their way to make it work for us and our needs."